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Fact-Checking: Focus on the Solution, Not the Problem!

Double Verify Introduces a Solution to Shield Advertisers from “fake news” Sites

It’s important to keep brands safeguarded from harm in this new era where it’s tough for the everyday person to spot ‘fake news’. Double Verify (DV), a company dedicated to authenticating the quality of digital media for brands, has announced that their newest service that will safeguard advertisers from ‘fake news’ sites is being integrated into the largest programmatic media trading platforms.

DV’s inflammatory news and politics segment was released last week and the first programmatic platforms to adopt the service are Turn, MediaMath, and AppNexus. The DV inflammatory news and politics protects advertisers from spending with sites that promote inflammatory, politically-charged stories that are often unsubstantiated claims to pose as legitimate news.

The newest segment comes as a response to a demand for brands and agencies to protect their media investments fast growing business of ‘fake news’. Most of the sites that produce ‘fake news’ didn’t exists earlier this year. Traffic to these sites have more than doubled within the last few weeks.

"As advertisers increase their investment behind programmatic advertising they expect the quality of the media to follow," said Wayne Gattinella, DoubleVerify CEO. "DoubleVerify's unique data tools enable our programmatic partners to deliver the highest levels of brand safe, fraud free, highly engaging media to their advertising clients."

Last month, a false story circulated the Internet that ultimately led to a gunman going into a pizzeria. The incident has been coined ‘Pizzagate’. The story said that Comet Ping Pong in DC housed a child abuse ring led by former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her campaign manager. Thousands read and circulated the story through social media.

‘Fake news’, simply put, is a new way to spread conspiracy theories. Many believe what they read on websites that create illegitimate news because they see real advertisements on their websites. As it’s becoming harder and harder to identify ‘fake news’, it’s becoming easier and easier to tarnish brands.

DV’s new solution will help advertisers maintain their brands and avoid spending dollars with sites that thrive on posing as credible news sources.


Provided by Information Technology Solutions Firm:

Leneer Data Assurance Solutions, Inc.

Contact: 301-476-1844

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