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Virtual Labs Shaping the Next Wave of Distance Learning

U2Cloud Offers Groundbreaking Cloud Services

President & CEO of U2Cloud, Joes Solsona, recently announced several new cloud services specifically tailored to the Education industry.

U2Clouds' Virtual Lab (Vlab) solution is made up of customized pay-as-you-use cloud services including Desktop-as-a-Services, Software-as-a-Service and Infrastructure-as-a-Service bundled with a campus application store & single sign-on to deliver this next generation of immersive learning and lab environments.

"It's all about cost-effectively exceeding students' expectations in a hyper-competitive and demanding educational marketplace," said Joe Solsona.

U2Cloud helps educators and schools reach students regardless of where they're located and what device they use to improve retention, facilitate satisfaction and increase graduation rates.

This service gives teachers get the solutions they need to develop and deliver a more relevant curriculum and measurably improve the quality of learning. Students gain 24/7 access to many applications like AutoCAD, ArcGIS, Photoshop, Solidworks, SPSS and other resources, including online tools to collaborate and engage with their peers. Private or public schools including universities, community colleges, trade schools and institutes of technology, can deliver the modern learning environment and experience their community expects and deserves.

"This technology provides flexibility that melds with students' schedules and facilitates much greater engagement. Students and faculty have access to any application they need anytime— even high-end 3D-graphics applications—on whatever device they own," said Pete Valentine, EVP at U2Cloud.

The innovative Virtual Labs (Vlab) by U2Cloud is a great resource for the direction the world is moving toward and empowers educators and students to achieve mutually beneficial results.

U2Cloud is a computer software company that enables users to access data from anywhere, and at any time with the same experience you have come to expect from your office desktop or laptop on the road.

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